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We provide you with the best Andalusian recommendations – your highlights, excursions, and restaurant visits. Discover also the dreamy beaches and let us craft a travel itinerary for you.


Molino Los Arcos - Im Herzen von Andalusien


Experience the thrill of flying in a region renowned for its exceptional year-round paragliding conditions. Jan is a local paragliding expert and is always on hand to suggest the best launch sites or even set up a tandem flight for you. And for the enthusiasts, we host an annual paragliding event every October.

Molino Los Arcos - Im Herzen von Andalusien

Wine tasting

Embark on a curated tour of an organic vineyard nestled in the Serrania de Ronda, just a short 25-minute drive from Molino de los Arcos. Let us arrange a delightful wine tasting session complemented by gourmet snacks. Prices start at €25 per person, with discounts for larger groups.

Molino Los Arcos - Im Herzen von Andalusien


Step back in time at the ancient ruins of Bobastro, located near the famed Caminito del Rey trail. Dive deep into history and explore these archaeological wonders for just a few euros, complete with a guided tour.

Molino Los Arcos - Im Herzen von Andalusien


Venture to the breathtaking lakes north of Malaga, an hour away from Molino Los Arcos. The Caminito del Rey offers a serene hiking experience. We can assist with ticket arrangements. After your hike, unwind with a sumptuous meal by the lake at a local eatery.

Molino Los Arcos - Im Herzen von Andalusien


Nature's beauty begins right at our doorstep. The renowned Mill Trail winds past our Molino Los Arcos, offering picturesque views. Whether you're looking for a leisurely walk or a more challenging hike, we have recommendations to suit every adventurer.

Molino Los Arcos - Im Herzen von Andalusien


Experience Andalusia's scenic beauty on the "Viaverde de la Sierra" bike trail. Connecting quaint towns, this trail offers stunning views, especially the Peñón de Zaframagón nature reserve. And if you're up for a culinary break, there's a charming eatery along the way.


Mesón Sabor Andaluz

Experience culinary excellence at this family-run gem, recognized even by the Michelin Guide. Located just a stone's throw from Molino Los Arcos, it's a must-visit for every gourmet lover.

Restaurant Camping El Nogalejo

A short drive from Molino Los Arcos, this restaurant offers a delightful blend of traditional flavors and modern presentation. Don't be fooled by its name; it's a gastronomic haven.

El Almendral

Situated at Setenil's entrance, this hotel-cum-restaurant offers a blend of traditional flavors and modern ambiance. Whether you're in the mood for tapas or a hearty meal, there's something for everyone.

Bar Frascito

Nestled in Setenil de Las Bodegas, Bar Frascito offers a unique dining experience. Enjoy tapas under the town's iconic overhanging rocks and soak in the local culture. Tip: Best visited between 1 pm and 3 pm. Many restaurants close in the evenings.


Andalusia beckons with a myriad of attractions attractions year-round. Dive into our curated travel tips and discover DINING DELIGHTS spots tailored for every season in Andalusia. Let us inspire your next getaway.